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Image of 75mm ORIGINAL CHARACTERS Stickers



⚠️ Stickers are home printed on glossy photographic paper, which is prone to sunfade when exposed to harsh sunlight. It is best to use them on notebooks or devices that won’t be left in the sun for long periods of time
💦 Stickers are splash-resistant but not 100% waterproof (they’re not vinyl!)

👾 About the stickers
Size: approximately 75mm (≈3”)
Materials: paper (not vinyl!), glossy finish
Stickers will come bundled together, packaged in a transparent sleeve
They are the perfect size to be stored in trading card sleeves or binders!

💡 Haven’t found the sticker you wanted?
Check the section “Stickers” in my store for more!
You can mix and match stickers from different listings and combine their shipping!

📦 Shipping:
Unless combined with non-flat merch, stickers will come shipped in flat envelopes

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